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Apple iOS device compatibility
Supported Apple iOS devices have these specifications:
  • iOS phones and tablets running iOS 6.0 or higher
  • iPhone 4 or higher, iPod Touch 4 or higher, iPad 2 or higher
  • Compatible with lightening to audio port adapters for iPhone 7
Android device compatibility
Supported Android devices have these specifications:
  • Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or higher
  • A standard 3.5 mm audio port that supports both speaker and mic
  • Devices without audio enhancement technology such as modified audio sound or microphone modulation

A few devices require a firmware update before they can connect. Use a different device (iOS or Android) and the Grok Demo, Discover Grok, or Send Grok app to update the firmware - you will automatically be ask to update the firmware.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (SM-T230)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 (SM-T330)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 (SM-T110)
Windows 8 tablet compatibility
Supported Windows 8 tablets have these specifications:
  • A tablet running Windows 8 OS
  • A standard 3.5 mm audio port that supports both speaker and mic

The Windows SDK has also been used successfully with a variety of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 laptops.
The Windows SDK has also been used successfuly with Windows laptops with seperate microphone and speaker plugs, using a audio splitter cable.

Device cases

Cases must be able to accept a standard audio jack (many rugggedized cases provide an audio extender cable due to narrow audio jack access).

Third Party Accessories

The Grokker comes with a silicone retention strap able to hold many different devices for simple startup and ease of use. For alternative methods to attach your smart device to a Grokker, as well as audio extension cables and charging indicator cables, click here (pdf).

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