Revolutionizing RFID
identify • locate • track • inventory
U Grok It is the Smartphone RFID platform that enables organizations of all sizes the ability to leverage the power and benefits of RFID with an efficient and affordable reader and flexible development tools.
Innovative solutions can be built to Identify, Locate, Track and Inventory tagged assets using the U Grok It Software Development Kits.
The U Grok It fully functioning handheld reader/writer is lightweight, easy to use and works with iOS, Android and Windows smart devices.
Based on standard RAIN (UHF Gen 2) RFID, with a 6-25' (2-7m) read range and the read speed and accuracy you require. U Grok It allows you to:
Full development kit — open platform
Hey developers: use our robust, open U Grok It platform to add RFID features to your mobile apps or expand your existing RFID solutions.
Discover Grok and Grok Demo
See how easy RFID can be with the Discover Grok app for iOS and the Grok Demo app for Android.
Note: you will need a Grokker for full app functionality.
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